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Frank Perez

I am a Multimedia Composer and Sound Designer born and raised in Lajas, Puerto Rico. Some of my compositions have been featured in Films, TV Ads, Documentaries, Remixes and others. I am also the main producer behind the Sampled Based Kontakt Synth “Synisteria – An 80’s Horror Synth” and also the main composer/producer behind all of the Production Music Libraries available for Filmmakers, Game Developers and Media Content Creators at

I am currently working in Sound Design Production packages for Music Producers as well as composing new Royalty-Free music libraries every week to inspire your next project. Some of this music is available for licensing at

Music Collections Composed by Frank Perez

My collection of original sounds and samples for the Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler

Synisteria – The Sound of 1980’s Horror Music

Synisteria is a Kontakt based sampled library created as a scoring extension tool for those who indulge in the sound and production of horror and dark retro music, particularly the sounds heard in classic movies from the decade of the 1980’s. Movies like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th, The Thing, and countless more, had a particular sound that in many cases was achieved by nothing more than synthesizers. The music of iconic composers such as John Carpenter, Giorgio Moroder and others has been very influential over the years and continue to be, inspiring us to bring forth this library of sampled sounds.

TV Commercials Scored by Frank Perez

Music Remixed by Frank Perez

Videos With Music by Frank Perez

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